Ampatangelou Engish Courses
“Sky is the limit”

Accurate knowledge-fluent communication -successful career – art enjoyment – satisfaction


EXPERIENCE- Κέντρα ξενων γλωσσών Πάτρα


We have actively been offering our educational services exclusively to teaching the English language since 1976.

RESPONSIBILITY - Φροντιστηρια Αγγλκών Πάτρα


We follow evolution, invest our time and effort in new methods and focus on the needsof the era we live in. We have our students best interest at heart and strive to achieve the goals we have set together.

CREDIBILITY - Κέντρα ξενων γλωσσών Πάτρα


We apply a brief yet concise Educational Curriculum since our goal is to teach the English language correctly and efficiently, keeping your needs in mind.

SUCCESS - Φροντιστηρια Αγγλκών Πάτρα


We take great pride in the fact that hundreds of our students have obtained certificates which are internationally recognized. These certificates in turn ensure that students have a powerful tool for their future pursuits.