This venture began in 1976, when my mother Teresa Ampatangelou, decided to offer her services solely to teaching the English Language, after having completed her studies successfully.

Through the passage of time her priority has always been the attainment of goals which her students and their parents set. In order for these goals to be fulfilled a specific curriculum had to be followed which would not waste time.

Moreover the problems of the community in which she lived and continues to live did not allow for her to remain indifferent. Since 1988 she has successfully organized an annual Christmas Bazaar to support people and institutes in need. She has actively contributed in the creation of many goods for this worthy cause along with the help of many other people, including parents and students, who know, love and support us and our school.

After the completion of my own studies, I in turn undertook the responsibility of the continuation of the successful course and history of this English Language Centre. From then on and after my mother and I along with the help of our three notable associates, have continued the same efforts, the same drive, the same dreams, the same goals drawing strength from the love and trust you have in us

With regards,

Aggeliki Ampatangelou

Diploma in English Language and Literature
University of Athens
MA in Translation, Surrey, UK