Proficiency: A High-Level International Exam

We live in an era where the English language is dominant. It is a blessing that people who do not speak the language belong to the minority. However, not everyone is proficient in English. More often than not, people do not realise the significance of the Proficiency Certificate and what it has to offer. They are unaware of its meaning and how important it is to obtain the actual certificate.

Proficiency is targeted at level C2 and provides universities and employers with detailed evidence that successful candidates are able to use English at near-native levels in a wide range of situations namely: study,work and tourism.

The definition of the word Proficiency would be advancement in knowledge or skill. If we were to be more precise we would use the following synonyms: proficient, adept, skilled, skillful and expert which mean having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession.

Proficient implies a thorough competence derived from ceaseless training and practice

Adept implies special aptitude as well as proficiency

Skilled stresses mastery of technique

Skillful implies individual dexterity in execution or performance

Expert implies extraordinary proficiency and often connotes knowledge as well as technical skills

In a nutshell…The Proficiency Certificate…”Opens all doors” as quoted by students of our school when asked why they decided to sit for the exam.

It is of the utmost importance that all students continue studying the language immediately after they have obtained the First Certificate of English. This is due to the fact that they should not waste any time in developing the skills that they need and that are required to use English to communicate effectively in a variety of practical contexts.

In conclusion, Proficiency is an international exam which is officially recognised by universities, employers and governments globally as a qualification demonstrating an exceptional level of English. No student should be deprived of this gift. It is an essential tool for the future and well-being of our children.

Nancy Pantelopoulos

English Teacher